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Table for 1

I didn’t know how easy it was to be single until I broke up with someone. Ok, I’m not broken up but I feel like I’m single not being able to see or talk to the person I’m in a committed relationship with whenever I want or NEED to hear from him. It’s not the same as being single after a breakup at all so I apologize. Still, the seismic shift in our lives that is our professional schedules, and my pending move across the pond, has forced me to believe, or at least, behave like I’m single.

And I’ve learned that it’s about keeping yourself busy doing the things that make you happy and not waiting around for anyone-least of all your person-to start doing them. Whether it be that hobby you have always wanted to take on or that new desert spot you’ve been dreaming about in your sleep.

I’m on my way to a small show in Brooklyn right now and I have to say I didn’t give it a second thought at all to buy just one ticket. I never ever thought I would ever have to…but if I want to see this show then it just so happens I have to go solo. Would it have been nice to go with the person I love? That goes without saying, without breathing. Would it have been nice to go with a friend or two? Sure. Even if they weren’t interested? Not as much. Would it have been nice to not go because no one else is interested. A resounding NO. I’m not about that life.

You know, the one that rests on waiting around for others to make you happy. I’m a big girl. I can hold down my liquor. Ok, so I don’t drink but that sounded like a clever enough metaphor.

I’ve been training myself to be more independent when it comes to my happiness because I’m moving to the other side of the world soon and the truth is, no one is going to hold my hand there. Saturday nights could be lonely or they could be spent at another small show, in Bristol this time. I wanna go to the show.

Can’t wait for that chapter of my life to begin really, loneliness and all, because it could be the experience of a lifetime. So I have to believe that the single life may not be so hard as long as I keep this up. But who knows, in a few short months I may be penning a post about the hardships of a long distance relationship. So far, I do hope the weather continues.



Love is a Mix Tape: 
Life and Loss, One Song at a Time 

I stumbled upon this book at a Williamsburg hole-in-the-wall one day. I was just walking to the train after a sewing class I’d just started and decided to check it out. I’m so glad I did. It was love at first sight.

The book essentially chronicles Rob Sheffield’s love story with his late wife Renee with each chapter accompanied by a mix tape of song titles. Suffice it to say, music brought Rob and Renee together. I could relate to that.

But I had literally never heard of more than half of all the music in the book. So I made playlists on Songdrop inspired by each and all of its chapters, including the songs and artists mentioned in between.

Not everything was available via YouTube so at times I compensated with a cover or another song by a particular artist.

It’s my labor of love and admiration for the book. Hope someone stumbles and falls for it like I did.

Chapter 2 hey jude

Chapter 3 roller boogie

Chapter 4 tape 635

Chapter 5 love makes me do foolish things

Chapter 6 big star: for renee



Chapter 7 sheena was a young man

Chapter 8 personics

 Chapter 9 a little down, a little duvet